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Dear Bundle,

We’re rounding out at Week 33 and things are starting to get really busy around here. Our doctor appointments have been bumped up to every two weeks. And by week 35, they will increase to once a week. Weight gain up until this point has been slow and gradual, but starting about now that velocity will ramp up significantly as well. To put it into perspective, you are only about 4 pounds now, but from here until B-Day (about 7 weeks away) you will probably double in size.

Week 33 Bump

At this point in my pregnancy and with the nearing of the much anticipated event, I am preoccupied with a palpable feeling of excitement and joy (you’ll be here soon!), coupled strongly with an equally overwhelming feeling of trepidation and anxiety (you’ll be here soon!!).

I have also been spiked with some sort of inexplicable energy that has me buzzing frantically about with a mission to clean, organize and obsess over everything in the house in preparation for your arrival- some things more random than others. The other day, for example, I fulfilled this incredible unfounded need inside of me to scrub all the baseboards, door jams and light switches in the house (what??). I suppose this is what they mean by the “nesting phase?” Evidently so, I have decided I need to harness this energy (which is undoubtedly fleeting) toward some much more focused and meaningful applications….

So Operation Nursery, get ready! Over the next few weeks I am blessed to have some family and friends coming into town to help me with this. We will be intently working on things like painting the nursery, organizing closets and assembling, well, tons of stuff! We also have plans to take my creative abilities to uncharted territories involving a sewing machine (… Handmade curtains and pillows are the vision)! In addition to this, your dad will be starting on a unique project to build you a custom built-in bookcase bench that I designed just for your bedroom! I can’t wait to see how everything will come together. Stay tuned, as Operation Nursery is well underway!