About Me

Welcome to Live Love Craft

Live Love Craft is a publication of my creative journey, which is perpetually evolving. Through journaling my creations, I hope to inspire as well as to be inspired, to share as well as to learn, and always to grow.

I have a rather eclectic portfolio of creative outlets, and I tend to pick up something different all the time, so I foresee these categories changing and evolving just as I do. Most recently, I have expanded my blog spot to include a space for “My Book Project,” where I share pieces of my journey along the road to hopeful publication of my first children’s book. This is a project that I hold very close to my heart, and I am excited to invite you to share in this adventure along with me! I have also dedicated some space on my blog to record aspects of my family life that are special to me.

Thank you for following, blogging or just exploring, and I very much look forward to any thoughts or ideas you are willing to share along the way.

Happy Living, Loving and Creating,

Leonie Marie

My inspirations come from many places.

The road to self discovery is a never ending journey, and I endeavor to travel this road with an open heart, mind and spirit. Every day I am presented with a new challenge and an opportunity to learn and to grow. So many people have touched my life. Some for longer periods of time. Some shorter. Some eternal. The friendships. The rivals. The loved. The indifferent. I am a product of all whom I have met. This maze we call life has many twists and turns, and just as many walls. But as I have found, often times we find ourselves walking through doors we never knew we left open.

My Mission Statement:

I strive to live my life with integrity, compassion, mindful observance, and a healthy sense of humor. In both large and small matters, may I always be true to my deepest principles so that my integrity may be a gift to others. Living now in a constant state of questions, answers, and fortitude… “I know that if I continue to advance in the direction of my dreams, and endeavor to live a life in which I have imagined, I will meet with a success unexpected in common hours,” (Henry Thoreau).



You may contact me directly at LeonieMarie484@gmail.com



2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. You know what I cant find that I like anywhere .and you can’t get them in high quantities? napkin rings. I would love to see that. I have seen a few online made of wire. I bet you could do way better.

    • Davina, funny you should say that. I just found some beaded wire that seems perfect to make napkin rings for our Thanksgiving table. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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