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Dear Bundle,

Upon my trip to Albuquerque, I was presented with a very special gift. Well, actually, YOU were.

Your Grandma Rael has been working on your quilt day and night. It’s one of a kind and absolutely gorgeous! Like with everything your Grandma does, she put her whole heart and soul into this blanket. And it was made specifically just for you to love and to cherish.

If you’re anything like me and my siblings with our childhood quilts, this blanket is sure to get its fair share of mileage. From picnics with our stuffed animals to being dragged down the stairs and wrapped around us during Saturday morning cartoons, there are few occasions where we did not have them around.

My favorite childhood blanket was hand made by my Grandma Rael (your Great Grandma). When she passed away 2 years ago, my mother (your Grandma) took up the project to restore it. She carefully went over every stitch, even leaving the mistakes your Great Grandma had made to keep it as original as possible. When she returned the blanket to me last year, the special surprise was that she had enhanced it with new embellishments. These came from patterns that your Great Grandma had left behind, unfinished. Now even more precious and special than before, this blanket will forever be one of my most cherished treasures. 

Now we are honored to add your new blanket to our collection of family quilts, and I know that you will love it just as much as all the love that when into its making.

Love Always,

Mom & Grandma!