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Dear Bundle,

They say I’m carrying high. According to the old wives tale, that’s a sign consistent to your gender. Although according to medical research, that’s a sign I have killer abs (…hey, I’ll pitch both theories)!.

Week 29 Bump

Well my doctor cleared me for travel and I’m getting ready for my trip to New Mexico tomorrow. This was home to your father and I for many years, but to you it will be known as the Land of Grandparents! Soon you will be able to meet your 4 amazing grandparents as well as your many aunts, uncles and cousins who are all very excited to meet you. But for now, they get to meet my belly!

We have a moderate flight ahead of us tomorrow and comfort may not be the most possible of things, but I’ll be packing the pillows like a mule in order to try. I really wish I could bring our Snoogle along for the ride, but that would probably require me to purchase a second seat… In any case, please pleeease try not to kick and roll all over my bladder too too much (I hate having to pee on planes!). I’m also packin plenty of Pepcid and Tums… a few for the plane, and a lot more for the New Mexican food, which I’m wagering will give us a run for our money throughout our stay (but it’s sooo worth it!). Table for one and a half, please. NM, here we come! 🙂