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Dear Bundle,

Getting into a comfy sleeping position at night is becoming more of a challenge, and for the last couple weeks I’ve been tossing and turning a lot more throughout the night. So a couple days ago, your dad came home with a surprise…

Snoogle in Box Hail to the Snoogle!! Every pregnant woman I’ve ever met swears by these giant wrap around body pillows, so I was eager to put it into use and see for myself what all the hype was about. My first impression as I opened it up and rolled it out onto the bed was this is going to pose a bit of a space challenge. Me + Bundle + Snoogle = not a lot of room for Daddy. I envisioned myself trying to flip sides with it in the middle of the night and consequently smothering him or battering him with it in the process.

SnoogleB copy

But as I lay there wrapped in my own personal life-size nest of soft feathery fluffies, I must attest that this thing is truly a dream invention. Although it’s longer than me, it can curl up into various shapes and sizes. It’s also surprisingly squishy and wraps snugly around my body in any position I want to lay in. Adjusting positions during the night can be done easily without a lot of effort or chaos because you can leave the Snoogle in place and just flip yourself to face the other side of it. But to be honest, I barely need nor want to move at all once I melt into it! I even find myself wanting to go to bed earlier than normal just to indulge in my new pillow.

All in all, my review of this notorious body pillow is well-favored, and I will join the testimony of people who recommend it as a certain survival kit staple for any woman with a bump.  Comfortable rest is possible once again!

Happy Snoogling!