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Operation Nursery is Underway… Here we go!

When Tony and I first moved into this place almost two years ago, we had family on the mind. We fell in love with the town, the house and the idea of nesting up in this very suburbanite family-oriented community.

Since that time, we’ve been busy making this house our home. But for the most part, much of this beautiful house has remained closed-off and unoccupied, waiting for the right time to be integrated into our lives. I knew that one day the time would come to transform one of these rooms into a nursery…  and I’ve had my eye on this one.

Big beautiful front facing window, spacious closet and full attached bathroom. This room has some serious potential. But let’s face it… it screams MAJOR interior-design overhaul!

First thing’s first. Get rid of the sinfully outdated wall-length Star and Moon valence and drapes (along with any wall banners, hardware or otherwise matching adornment that came straight from this highly-popular and over-done “Starry Night” decor craze of 1995). Cool at one time, perhaps (?), but SO over this theme!

Thank you, Tony, for getting these things off the wall and out of my sight so that the REAL vision may ensue.

Stay tuned!