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Dear Bundle,

We discovered the most amazing place!!

Sunday was a Mother’s Day to remember. Even though you are not yet born, your dad wanted to make sure I knew just how much he loved and appreciated me for carrying his little Bundle. So that afternoon, without even a hint about where we were going or what we were doing, he packed us up a lunch, grabbed a blanket and told me to put on my walking shoes and bring my camera.

A picnic, I thought. Such a sweet idea… simple, quaint, kinda romantic… and definitely out of our ordinary. As we loaded into the car, I figured we were probably going to a park or to a lake or somewhere appreciable. But trying not to spoil my own surprise, as my sometimes overly-inquisitive mind often does, I did as I was told and tried not to ask too many questions. After a moderate drive away from town, he suddenly pulled off to the side of the road at what seemed like no destination at all. Looking around me, we were in the middle nowhere. Surrounded by nothing but wooded area, there were no people, no parking lot, no trail, no signage, and no way of knowing just what I was about to encounter.

We grabbed our gear and began walking through the brush and trees. The grass was so high it was hard to walk through, and with no landmarks in sight, I began to wonder just what he was thinking trolling a pregnant lady through all this terrain. Hopefully we weren’t going far.

Just then, I saw a clearing appear up ahead. And I could make out what seemed like a patch of red flowers. But as we got closer and the trees parted, I could see it wasn’t a patch of red flowers at all… It was whole field of red flowers! Suddenly I was standing in the middle of a breathtaking hidden meadow… and it was full of these stunning wild flowers that stretched as far as the eye could see. And the butterflies… the butterflies were everywhere! I just stood there speechless, gazing in amazement at the sight before me.

My adorable husband was clearing a spot for the blanket where the trees met the meadow, and started setting up his picnic. He said he had stumbled upon this place when scouting off the beaten path just a week before. The remarkable thing is it’s in a public region, but there’s no map identifying its existence, no path to trace its whereabouts and no name that stakes its claim. We decided right then that we will call this place, “Mother’s Meadow.”

It was one of the most beautiful earthly things to me, partly I think because of the mystery it beared. Here we are engrossed in today’s industrious country, entangled in a coveted society. Yet, in the middle of it all, somehow is this magnificent concealed piece of unadulterated, uncharted territory… and we had it all to ourselves. Incredible. It was as if it had been placed there just for us to experience.

Mother Nature reminded me that day of the beauty and sacredness that is all around us. And I am humbled and honored to be a part of her design. Next year when you are here, we will take you to see this special secret place. Until then, may you always know the maternal grace that surrounds and nurtures you day by day. Grow healthy and strong, little one. The meadow awaits you.

Love Always,