Welcome to Live Love Craft

Live Love Craft is a publication of my creative journey, which is perpetually evolving. Through journaling my creations, I hope to inspire as well as to be inspired, to share as well as to learn, and always to grow.

I have a rather eclectic portfolio of creative outlets, so I’ve chosen just a few of my more current ones for now. Keep in mind that I am just starting out in the blogging world, so it will take me some time to catch up on the content. I also tend to pick up something different all the time, so I foresee these categories changing and evolving just as I do.

Thank you for following, blogging or just exploring, and I very much look forward to any thoughts or ideas you are willing to share along the way.

Happy Crafting,

Leonie Marie

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Live Love Craft”

  1. Anonymous said:


  2. Lobos Rule said:

    Great pics of your fall theme. Can not wait to see your Christmas theme’.

  3. Look forward to updates!

  4. Anna Khachatryan said:

    Great work!!! The gift to you husband is wonderful. Can’t wait for updates.. 🙂

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