One of the first things on my to-do list in getting my children’s book project off the back burner is to research my publication options and set a course of action. And in the spirit of doing so, I am pleased to report that I have finally dusted off this guidebook that I got longer ago than I’d like to admit and cracked the binding! Yay!

This particular book has been useful in that it has already cleared up many questions, holes and foggy places in my head about how to approach book publication. I am surprised, actually, by how many of what I perceived to be roadblocks, are not actually roadblocks at all. It also includes a directory of contacts that will serve as a good starta year and a half ing point for when I’m ready to begin researching submission prospects. But perhaps the most valuable purpose that this book has served me thus far, is a renewed sense of motivation to work toward my goal. My course is set, I know what I have to do, and I am so ready to make this happen!