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My vision for the nursery walls included soft colors, rolling hills and a neutral sky with clouds. I planned out the landscape first, sketching the hills onto the wall with a pencil, several erasers and a lot of patience. The challenging part was in knowing how my lines were materializing on a 12 foot wall when I’m only inches away from it at any given time. To make this easier, I purchased a cheap art projector like the one below:


Thanks to this little gadget, I was able to sketch my hills out onto paper first and then project them onto the walls and trace them. I definitely recommend this method for painting murals or other projects involving larger-than-life canvas sizes!

With this complete, I tackled the paint. I did the sky first and then the hills to ensure the illusion that the hills were on top of the sky rather than the other way around (trust me, it makes a difference). Two coats were necessary all the way around to ensure coverage of the original yucky mustard-yellow wall color. After rolling on the larger surface areas, I found it helpful to switch to a smaller-bristle art brush for the details.


Phase 1 of Painting Complete:

Special thanks to my good friend, Vanessa, who traveled all the way from Chicago to help me complete Phase 1 of the Painting Plan! I love you girl, and your fellow-perfectionist capabilities! ♥ ♥ ♥

Vanessa & Leonie