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Dear Bundle,

After experiencing maternity clothes, I can see how some women may never want to go back to non-waistband pants…  SO comfy!

Week 22 BumpMy weight gain is picking up steadily and rapidly now. You are the size of a papaya. About 11 inches from head to heel, and 12.25 grams. You are developing senses you will use in the outside world. Taste buds have started forming on the tip of your tongue, and your brain and nerve endings have developed enough so that you have the sense of touch. You can also hear what’s going on around you. I’ve started lullaby and meditation playlists, and I play them close to my belly for the both of us when I Iay down for bed at night. After you are born, I will play them as I put you down to sleep.

One of my favorite songs when I was young, “You Are My Sunshine,” has been a family favorite throughout the generations. My grandma Rael would hum this tune as she happily went about her daily routine, and this was also one of the songs her children sang to her as the good Lord called her up. I know that when I sing it to you, you will be surrounded by the love of all those who have loved me and gone before me.

You’ll never know, Dear, how much I love you.