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Dear Bundle,

Today we had our 16-Week Appointment. To date, we’ve been to 3 official prenatal doctor appointments, had 3 blood tests, and 2 ultrasounds. We count our blessings every time we get affirmation that you are healthy and progressing normally.

At the very first visit, you had been in my belly for 8 weeks. Your dad and I got to hear your heart beat for the very first time.  It was so cool! And this is the very first picture of you ever taken.  You were the size of a raspberry.

01.17.14 Ultrasound

A few weeks ago, we got to see even more pictures of you, and it’s amazing how much you’ve already grown and developed. This is you at 13 weeks, the size of a tangerine!


Today the doctor let us listen to your heartbeat again. It kinda sounds like a galloping horse, rapid and strong. When we came home, your dad put his head on my belly and cuddled with you for a long time… He already loves holding you.