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Dear Bundle,

The secret is out. Just a couple short weeks ago, your father and I shared this picture with friends and family to announce the most wonderful news.

Look what's cooking

You are due to come into our world August 20th 2014 and we are all so very excited to meet you. I am now in my second trimester, and I’ve decided to create this journal so I can write to you about all the things that are happening during this special time as we prepare for your arrival.

We have a little catching up to do.  This journey started for me exactly one week before Christmas, when I found out I was pregnant. But I kept it a secret from your dad until Christmas Day. Christmas this year wasn’t suppose to be anything particularly special or extraordinary. In fact, with our families back in Albuquerque, and no funds for travel this year, we had planned on a pretty lonely holiday. But you changed all that…

I spent that week making an ornament and camo baby booties (you know that whatever gender you end up being, your dad will have you in camo booties!). I also ordered a T-shirt that said it all.

When your unsuspecting father opened his gift, he was immediately overcome with joy. I don’t think the tears or smiles ever really stopped that day. That was the happiest Christmas we’ve ever had.

We look forward to spending next Christmas with you, and so many more to follow.

Love Always,