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On a recent road trip with my husband, we made a pit-stop at a Walmart Superstore in the tiny town of Cranberry, PA. While he darted off to collect exactly what he had come for in his typical efficient manner, I naturally wandered off aimlessly to see what I might find that’s interesting. And what I found had me floored…

This Walmart had a stunning Craft Section! Spanning no less then 4 aisles, they had shelves packed floor to ceiling with arts and crafts supplies and tools from A-Z. I was so impressed, I took a few shots to show you just what they’re up to.

Of course they could never stack up to the same size, scope and selection standard I would hold craft-centric stores such as Michael’s, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby and Joanne’s. However, I am glad for the discovery and a serious new alternate vendor for my craft gear.

Is this just news to me? Have you noticed this in the Walmart (Superstore) in your town? If not, you might just want to stop in and see what’s popped up!

~Leonie Marie