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I like to cook with wine. Sometimes I even use it in the food…


My expeditions in the kitchen are coming around. You might have figured out by now that my creative talents, (although diverse!) have traditionally never ventured 2 steps past the kitchen foyer. This is mainly thanks to my husband, who owns the chef’s hat in our house, and his uncanny knack to create delicious food for every meal (which I love about him of course!). But going hand in hand with this, is his heightened sense of anxiety every time I attempt to poke around in his domain…

So as you can imagine, my roles for Thanksgiving consist usually of things like the guest coordination and the “ambiance,” (you know- the cleaning, the linens, the centerpieces, the place settings, etc… these I can do!). And these roles are followed closely by the equally important role of actively trying to stay out of my husband’s hair in the kitchen (not so good at this!).

But thankful as I am for being married to such wonderful cook, I decided that for Thanksgiving this year I’m going to contribute something that people can actually chew…

So, I am pleased to introduce my all-time favorite item on the Thanksgiving plate… sweet potatoes! Hands down- favorite! This recipe was given to me for a sweet potato dish that I’ve tasted before and LOVED, but never made myself. And it’s clear that this dish has been catching on over the years… That’s right, move over Marshmallow Yams- Savory Sweet Potato Crumble is here to stay!

Here is the recipe: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/281543700511884/


This picture is a “casserole for two” version. Knowing me, I knew a practice run was in order, so I made just enough for dinner for two this evening. It came out delicious!! Even my husband was impressed that I didn’t burn it… or burn down the house…

The one thing I am changing about it for the main event is less orange juice (substitute with equal parts cream or milk). SO happy I did a practice run. The great part about this dish also is that I can make the big pieces in advance and save them for baking next week. So I’ll be freezing the potato mixture, and my crumble mixture is ready whenever I am to finish it off. All the less stress for me in the kitchen, the less I’ll be in Tony’s way, and the more fun I’ll be having with my table decor and wine! 

Keep the recipes coming: https://livelovecraft.org/recipe-box/

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Kitchen Crafting! 

Leonie Marie