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If you are a family member of mine, you should know in some way shape or form, all of the people in this collage. If you are a friend of mine, you know at least 2 of these people.  But even if you know just 1 of these people, you have met the product of all of these people. 🙂

How you display your art is just as important as the artwork itself. This is actually not wall art (I composed this on the floor… but I still had a lot of fun doing it!).

Just a display to show some of the different things I am doing with the tile coasters I craft. I am not currently selling them with picture frames, although I think maybe should start…

That’s my husband and I on the bottom right corner (not all that long ago!). Also represented is my nephew at the same event; Paternal Grandmother, recently departed; My sister’s 2 orange kitties; My mother at her college graduation with her Professor dad; and my little brother at his 2nd Birthday!

One degree of separation from any of these individuals = I love you!


Leonie Marie, LiveLoveCraft.org